New Jersey: The Movie (27m, USA)
Directed by: Steve Chernoski
Short Documentary
In North Jersey, it's about 'the city' - the wait at the Holland Tunnel today,
what the Knicks or Nets will do tonight, and figuring out which local street
in your neighborhood Tony Soprano drove on. In South Jersey, it's about
the relaxing pace - a region of seaside resorts, cranberry bogs, farms and
Philadelphia suburbs wrapped around the biggest wilderness area east of
the Mississippi River, the one million acre Pine Barrens.

Ben Franklin was correct when he called New Jersey,
"A barrel tapped at both ends."

Despite its small size, New Jersey is a state divided amongst itself, while
fending off its neighbors' criticisms.  Many states in the US have divisions,
hell, every country in the world has them.  But do New Jerseyans even have
anything in common at all or even like each other? Where is this long-debated
dividing line between North and South Jersey?  See New Jersey's complexities
and uniqueness in, New Jersey: the Movie.